VSMM History


VSMM was founded in Japan in 1995 by Professor Takeo Ojika of Gifu University with support from the Governor of Gifu Prefecture in Japan.  It was arguably the first international VR conference and has remained a leading venue for cross-disciplinary scholarly research and exchange in cutting-edge multimedia and virtual systems.  

For 23 years VSMM has held annual conferences, featuring leading researchers and groundbreaking technology.  The VSMM Conference Keynote addresses include a “who’s who” of pioneers in virtual and augmented reality, 3d sensing, and applied media.  Over the years VSMM has had many firsts, from the launch of the field of Virtual Heritage at VSMM1998, to the first public demo of what was soon to became Google Earth at VSMM2001, the opening of Japan’s VRTechno Center with its architect, Sir Richard Rogers, as well as public demos of many early 3d scanning systems.

VSMM was an early pioneer of 3D technology for culture, and through its partnership with the UNESCO World Heritage Center helped launch in the late 1990’s the field of Virtual Heritage or Digital Heritage as it is now known, as well as helping found the DigitalHeritage Congresses.

The VSMM Society has been led over the years by Presidents: Professor Takeo Ojika, Professor Scott Fisher, Professor Bob Stone, Professor Harold Thwaites, and currently Professor Alonzo Addison.  Scot Refsland served as the Society’s founding Executive Officer and was instrumental in guiding  it in its early years.  He was followed by Professor Mario Santana.

Here is a copy of the founding announcement from 1995:

Date: Tue, 28 Mar 95 14:50:34 JST
From: ojika@ojk.info.gifu-u.ac.jp ( Takeo Ojika )
Sender: tomo@ojk.info.gifu-u.ac.jp
Subject: Call for papers

Dear Sir:

We are going to have the first interna[tiona]l conference on Virtual
Reality "International Conference on Virtual Systems '95 in Gifu"
as shown below, which will be held every year hereafter.
We do hope that you will join the first conference on VR.

Furthermore, we are now planning to establish an international
society to be named "International Society on Vitual Systems and
Multimedia(VSMM)" under the planning committee(tentative):
     Prof. Setsuo Ohsuga,       Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
      Prof. Thomas B. Sheridan,  MIT, USA,
      Mr.   Scott S.  Fisher     Telepresence Res. Corp., USA,
      Prof. Michio    Nakano,    Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan,
      Prof. Shigeki   Yokoi,     School of Informatics and Science, Nagoya Univ., Japan,
      Dr.   Kazuhiko  Yamamoto,  Head of Image Understanding Section, Electrotechnical Lab., Japan,
      Dr.   Junji     Nomura,    Matsusita Electric Works LTD, Japan,
      Prof. Takeo     Ojika,     Gifu Univ., Japan.
If you are intersted in, would you please join in the society ?


   Call for papers
     International Conference on Virtual Systems '95 (ICVS '95) in Gifu

                       September 18-20, 1995
                 Gifu Convention Center, Gifu, Japan

                           Sponsored by
          * The executive committee of ICVS '95 in Gifu
          * The planning committee of the International Society
            on Virtual Systems and Multimedia (VSMM)
          * Gifu Research and Development Foundation (GRDF)
          * Center for Cooperative Research, Gifu Univ.

For more details, please e-mail to icvs-sec@ojk.info.gifu-u.ac.jp


Honorary Committee Chair: Thomas B. Sheridan, MIT., USA

General Committee Chair: Setsuo Ohsuga, Tokyo Univ., Japan

Vice Committee Chairs : Michio Nakano, Tokyo Inst. Tech., Japan
                        Susum Tachi, Tokyo Univ., Japan
                        Takeo Ojika, Gifu Univ., Japan

Keynote Address: Thomas B. Sheridan, MIT., USA

Special Lecture: Susum Tachi, Tokyo Univ., Japan

Invited Speakers:
  Jeff Edwards, Evans & Sutherland Comp. Corp., USA
  Scott S. Fisher, Telepresence Res. Inc., USA
  Mike Gigante, RMIT, Australia
  Mark Green, Univ. Alberta, Canada
  Charles Grimsdale, Division Ltd., UK
  Myron W. Krueger, Artificial Reality Corp., USA
  Makoto Nonaka, FISA, USA
  Joachim Sauter, ART+COM, Germany
  Luis Serra, National Univ. Singapore, Singapore
  Daniel Thalmann, Swiss Fed. Inst. Tech., Switzerland
  Nadia M. Thalmann, Univ. Geneva, Switzerland
  Kaye Wohn, KAIST, Korea
  David Zeltzer, MIT, USA


Stereoscopic display and applications, Graphic workstations and
parallel computers, Human interface, 3DCG, 3DCAD, Visualization,
Pattern recognition, 3D Measurement, Control and simulation,
Sensitivity Eng., Tactile sensing, Computational geometry,
Mathematical modeling, Telerobotics & Telepresence, AI for VR,
Artificial life, Artificial social systems, Fuzzy theory,
Neural network, Bioscience, VR education software(VRES),
VR in agriculture, VR in sports, Psychology, Medical surgery &
supporting systems, VR for veterinary medicine,
VR networks(LAN, by artificial satellite), Multimedia,
VR for CAM & CIM, VR instrument, etc.
To present a paper at the conference, the 300-word abstract must
be submitted by e-mail or fax (e-mail is preferable) by April 30,
1995, according to the Application Form below. Each presentation
is expected to be a 20-minute talk.
The Conference Proceedings will be published.
*** SCHEDULE ***
April 30, 1995 for abstracts
May   31, 1995 for the notice for acceptance
July  31, 1995 for completed manuscripts
Please complete the form attached and e-mail or fax it to:
Takeo Ojika, Prof., ICVS Secretariat
Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering
Faculty of Engineering, Gifu University
1-1 Yanagido, Gifu, Gifu 501-11 Japan
e-mail: icvs-sec@ojk.gifu-u.ac.jp
Fax: +81-58-230-1895
                    ICVS '95 Application Form

Please check.
__I will submit a paper. ( The abstract is included. )
__I will attend the Conference
First Name/ Last Name:
Business Affiliation:
Dept./Bldg./Mail Stop/etc.:
Street Address or P.O. Box:
Zip Code:
E-mail Address:

Paper Title:

Would you please forward it to all who may be interested in ?

Best regards
Takeo Ojika

Takeo Ojika (Prof.)
Faculty of Engineering
Gifu University
Yanagido, Gifu
JAPAN 501-11
Tel&Fax   +81 58 230 1770
e-mail    ojika@ojk.info.gifu-u.ac.jp