DigitalHeritage2013/VSMM2013 – Marseille, France

available online on IEEExplore Digital Heritage International Congress (DigitalHeritage), 2013 (Volume:1 and 2 )

VSMM2012 – Milan, Italy (2-5 Sep 2012)

18th Int’l Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia: Virtual Systems in the Information Society

Gabrielle Guidi and Alonzo C. Addison, Conference Co-Chairs; Michitaka Hirose, Technical Program Chair

vsmm2012 Proceedings available on IEEExplore:

VSMM2011 – Alexandria, Egypt

(cancelled due to 2011 Egyptian revolution)

VSMM2010 – Seoul, South Korea (20-23 Oct 2010)

16th Int’l Conference on Virtual Systems & Multimedia: \’a0Transdisciplinary Creativity – Transmedia in VR, Computing, Contents, and Heritage in 21C

Hyun Seung Yang, Alonzo C. Addison, and Michitaka Hirose, General Co-Chairs


Proceedings available on IEEExplore:

VSMM2009 – Vienna, Austria (9-12 September 2009)

15th Int’l Conference on Virtual Systems & Multimedia: Vision or Reality? Computer Technology and Science in Art, Cultural Heritage, Entertainment and Education

Robert Sablatnig and Martin Kampel, Conference Co-Chairs

Proceedings of the 15th Int’l Conf. on Virtual Systems & Multimedia. Robert Sablatnig, ed. IEEE Computer Society Press, paperback (ISBN-10: 0769537901, ISBN-13: 978-0769537900) buy at Amazon

VSMM2008 – Limassol, Cyprus (20-25 Oct 2008)

14th Int’l Conference on Virtual Systems & Multimedia: \’a0Digital Heritage 2.0

Marinos Ioannides, Conference Chair Andreas Georgopoulos, Loukas Kalisperis, Alonzo Addison, ISC Co-Chairs

VSMM2007 – Brisbane, Australia

Proc. of the 13th Int’l Conf. on Virtual Systems and Multimedia. Theodor G. Wyeld, Sarah Kenderdine, and Michael Docherty, eds.  Springer, 2008. Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Information Systems and Applications, incl. Internet/Web, and HCI (Book 4820) Paperback, 218pgs (ISBN-10: 3540785655, ISBN-13: 978-3540785651

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia, VSMM 2007, held in Brisbane, Australia, in September 2007. The 18 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 97 initial submissions during two rounds of reviewing and improvement. The papers put a special focus on virtual heritage and virtual cultures, virtual environments and virtual experiences, as well as on applied technologies and systems.  buy at Amazon

VSMM2006 – Xi’an, China (17-19 Oct, 2006)

12th Int’l Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia: Interactive Technologies and Sociotechnical Systems: New Developments and Solutions for Cultural Heritage, Healthcare, Gaming, Robotics and the Arts

Hongbin Zha, Alonzo C. Addison, and Maurizio Forte, Co-Chairs

buy at Amazon

VSMM2005 – Ghent, Belgium (3-7 Oct 2005)

11th Int’l Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia: Virtual Reality at Work in the 21st Century

Daniel Pletinckx (Ename Center), Conference Chair Bob Stone (Univ. of Birmingham), Program Chair

This year marks the return of the International Conference on Virtual Systems and MultiMedia to Europe. VSMM2005 continues to push the boundaries of Virtual Reality and Multimedia research by focusing on the impact on society. Virtual Reality is no longer considered novelty or a wonder \’97 but a living reality in the lives of millions of people all over the world. It is therefore time to take a closer look at how Virtual Reality interacts with society, how it affects its users, and how it promotes or directs social change. The theme of the VSMM2005 Conference is Virtual Reality\’92s present or potential impact on 21st century society in the fields of Heritage, Education, Applied VR Technology, and Entertainment and the Arts. It will also feature a special session in which the theme of professional guidelines and health, safety, and usability issues will be addressed. Conference Location VSMM2005 will be held for the first time in Belgium, in the historic town of Ghent. Hosted by the Ename Center for Public Archaeology and Heritage Presentation, VSMM2005 will take place in the Flanders Expo conference building , October 3-7, 2005.
VSMM2004 – Ogaki City, Japan (17-19 Nov 2004)

Proceedings of the 10th Int’l Conf. on Virtual Systems & Multimedia, Hal Thwaites, ed. IOS Press, 2004, paperback 1301 pgs (ISBN-10: 1586034812, ISBN-13: 978-1586034818)

This publication marks the tenth anniversary of VSMM (Virtual Systems and Multimedia). It contains articles taking many different perspectives on virtual systems and multimedia. The ‘Hybrid Reality’ and ‘Digital Partner’ papers presented in this book make a profound impact upon Art, Science and Culture. The articles presented explore virtual systems and multimedia research in cultural heritage, robotics, entertainment, environmental studies, medical, art forms, enhanced environments and mobility, and human factors. This book contains over 200 papers which were thoroughly reviewed and ranked. Six papers are written by people considered to be highly distinguished researchers, and the sixth special session of highlight areas include on Virtual Heritage, Volume Graphics, Digital Partner, Human Factor, Digital Human, and Mental Partner. buy at Amazon, buy at IOS Press

VSMM2003 – Montreal, Canada

9th Int’l Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia: Creative Digital Culture

Hal Thwaites, Conference Chair

VSMM2002 – Gyeongju, South Korea VSMM2001 – Berkeley, California, USA (25-27 Oct 2001)

7th Int’l Conference on Virtual Systems and MultiMedia: Augmented and Unplugged

Alonzo C. Addison, Conference Chair

Proceedings of the 7th Int’l Conf. on Virtual Systems and MultiMedia. \’a0Hal Thwaites and Lon Addison, eds. IEEE Press, 2001. (ISBN-10: 0769514022, ISBN-13: 978-0769514024) buy at Amazon



VSMM2000 – Gifu, Japan (4-6 Oct 2000)

6th Int’l Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia: International Collaboration through Virtual Heritage, Technical Applications, and Highspeed Connectivity

Scott Fisher, Conference Chair

Front CoverProc. of the 6th Int’l Conf. on Virtual Systems and MultiMedia, Hal Thwaites and Scot Thrane Refsland, eds., IOS Press, 743 pgs softcover (ISBN 978-1-58603-108-4) This book is the result of the 6th International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia-VSMM 2000. It includes papers on exciting perspectives on virtual reality for the new millennium, from technical to cultural heritage applications. There is a special section on Virtual Heritage that will explore the VR tools and applications used in Cultural, Natural and World Heritage. This has become the industry benchmark for all developments and innovations pertaining to Virtual Heritage. buy at IOS Press

VSMM1999 – Dundee, Scotland (1-3 Sep 1999)

5th International Conference on Virtual Systems & MultiMedia

John Sutherland, Conference Chair

Proceedings of the 5th Int’l Conf. on Virtual Systems & Multimedia, Terkheurst, James and John Sutherland, eds., 564 pages, paperback, September 1999, University of Abertay Press, Dundee, Scotland (ISBN-10: 1899796037, ISBN-13: 978-1899796038) buy at amazon

VSMM1998 – Gifu, Japan (18-20 Nov 1998)

Future Fusion: Application Realities for the Virtual Age

Proceedings, edited by Hal Thwaites, IOS Press, 716 pgs, (ISBN-10: 9051994702, ISBN-13: 978-9051994704)

In the spirit of exploring the fusion between engineering, art and commerce in virtual reality and multimedia technologies, this book investigates the integration of technical excellence, creative innovation and industry and commercial development through real applications. It has four main sections: technical, creative, industrial/commercial and virtual world heritage. The technical section of this book focuses on the research and development of virtual reality and multimedia technologies. Topics include human interface and sensing, immersive virtual environments, industrial applications, rapid prototyping, 3D measurement, virtual factories, medical and biological modelling and theory, and entertainment and games. The creative section explores VR and multimedia from an artistic viewpoint, offering contributions on innovative uses of technology. Main topics include exploration of creativity, artistic theory, methods and innovative applications through film, theme parks, games and other areas which use VR and multimedia technologies. Within the industry and commerce section, this book presents the development of critical issues relating to the industry and commercial side of virtual reality and multimedia. This section explores medical, moral, legal and political issues. Topics included in the virtual world heritage part are architectural and artifact construction, education, historical information presentation, restoration and tourism. buy at IOS Press, buy at Amazon  buy at Amazon

VSMM1997 – Geneva, Switzerland (10-12 Sep 1997)

3rd Annual Conference of the Society of Virtual Systems and Multimedia in conjunction with TELECOM Interactive 1997

Nadia Magnenat Thalmann (Univ. of Geneva), General Chair, Program Co-Chair

Proc. of the 1997 Int’l Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia, VSMM97, edited by , IEEE Computer Society buy at IEEE CS

VSMM1996 – Gifu, Japan VSMM1995 -Gifu, Japan (18-20 Sep 1995)

International Conference on Virtual Systems ’95 (ICVS ’95)

Setsuo Ohsuga (Tokyo University), General Committee Chair

Proc. of the Int’l Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia, VSMM ’95, Nagaragawa Convention Center, Gifu, Japan