World Sensorium by Dr. Nayil Gayil opens today in Kerry-
Cill Rialig Art Gallery, Ballinskelligs, Co. Kerry.

World Sensorium
By Gayil Nalls

This work is concerned with physical nature of embodied human experience of the natural world with
memory as it’s underpinning.
World Sensorium is comprised of the botanical material of plants that have risen to the highest cultural
status in an evolutionary adaption of the human brain and the natural world.
Smells are culturally specific, so different countries perceive scents in different ways. Each scent stimulates
the brain in a unique way and provides shared feelings among the population expressed as regional
The research was conducted on an official basis through country governments around the world and
identifies iconic aromatic plants that work as olfactic cultural memory triggers for the majority of people
of each country.
Just as flags and anthems are symbols of national culture, the research revealed that certain natural
smells are emblematic, representative and characteristic of country cultures.