Poster Presentation Guide

  • Posters will be on display at the VSMM conference site.

  • Posters posting – 08:00 to 09:30 Tuesday, October 31st.

  • Poster viewing – All day October 31st to November 2nd.

  • Dedicated poster discussion/Q&A session – TBC.

  • Removal of posters – 17:00  to 18:00 Thursday, November 2nd.

Should you be unable to fulfil any of these requirements or require assistance please inform the organisers A.S.A.P.

Please feel free to approach the conference volunteers for assistance or to email the conference email here.

Poster Specifications:

    • One poster board is allocated to each presentation. Vertical/portrait format in A1/A0 size is suggested. A1 Size Poster Measures: 594 x 841 mm height, A0 Size Poster Measures: 841mm width x 1189 mm height.
    • Posters must be mounted using supplies provided by the VSMM 2017 organising committee  (they will be distributed by conference volunteers).
    • Posters should be printed by their authors.
    • Fabric rather than paper/ laminated posters are encouraged as a travel-friendly alternative format.
    • Each poster presenter is required to curate their poster during the dedicated poster session to be included in the conference proceedings.
    • Paper title and authors’ names should be prominently at the top of the poster
    • E‐mail of the author(s) and institutional affiliation information should be clearly visible.
    • All relevant text must be easily readable from a distance of 1 meter. Lettering should be at least 1 cm high or 28 point. Smaller lettering will not be legible from a distance and should only be used for citation etc.
    • All graphs and charts should be clear and readable.
    • Removal of posters is 17:00 to 18:00 Thursday, November 2nd, the VSMM 2017 organising committee will not be responsible for posters and materials left on poster boards after the conference.


    • Provide an introduction (outline) and a summary or conclusion for your poster.
    • Sequentially number your materials in the poster. This will indicate to the viewer a logical progression through your poster.
    • Prepare your poster carefully so that it can be understood by itself and be used as a tool in your explanations and answers to questions from the viewers during the Q&A session.
    • It is helpful to have several photocopies of your proceedings paper available for those who may want to study specifics of your work in more detail.
    • Have your business cards or contact information available for those who may wish to contact you at a later date.
    • Have a note-taking facility to record feedback on your poster.
    • You may wish to structure your poster by including the background of your research followed by results and conclusions.
    • Inkscape free poster layout software can be accessed here: