Conference Themes

Track 1: VR is Dead/Long Live VR

•The History & Herstory of VR
•Virtual Worlds vs Virtual Experiences
•The Ethics of VR
•VR as a healing modality
•Stress Testing & Stress Reduction Using VR
•Women’s Ways of Using Virtual Worlds
•Artificial Intelligence & VR
•Context-specific virtual worlds

Track 2: Mixed Realities

•Applied Augmented and Mixed Reality
•Experience Design for MR
•Presence Studies in MR
•Location-based Reality
•MR/AR software and hardware
•Immersive Reality Gaming
•360VR using Drones
•Opportunities for SMEs in MR

Track 3: Applied 3D Sensing & Modeling

•3D Scanning, 3D Digitizing, Lidar, range sensors
•Photogrammetry and Computer Vision
•SLAM, Motion Tracking, and Robotics
•Remote Sensing & GNSS (GPS, GLONASS,…
•Building Information Modeling (BIM)
•Internet of Things (IoT)sensors
•Image-based 3D Modeling
•CAD-based 3D Reconstruction
•3D Connected Learning

Track 4: Applied Haptics & Interaction

•Creative Haptics / Interaction
•Virtualisation of Other Senses
•Alternative Interfaces for Accessible VR
•VR/AR Tracking/Input devices
•Tangible User Interfaces/Robotics
•Multimodal Interaction
•Distributed VR
•Industrial/Biomedical Applications
•Semantic Web

Track 5: Digital Heritage & Preservation

•Digital Heritage / Virtual Heritage
•3D Repositories and Archives
•3D Information Systems for Culture
•Virtual Conservation/Restoration
•Augmented Travel / Virtual Tourism
•Virtual Archaeology, Museum & Exhibitions
•Multimedia Valourisation of CH Sites
•Serious Games/Gamification in/of Heritage
• Land Stewardship Using 3D tools

Track 6: VS & MM in Design/Engineering

•Technology for Inclusive Design
•VR & 3D in Civil, Architecture & Planning
•VR & 3D in Industrial/ Biomedical/ Environ. Eng
•E-Health & Virtual GP/Virtual Health Clinics
•Design Thinking and Future Foresight
•Industry 4.0
•3D Printing & Digital Materialisation
•Technology-Enhanced Learning

Track 7: Creative Arts & Design

•Virtual Storytelling
•Simulation-based Training
•VR & Learning Theories
•Digital Art
•Video Modeling
•Digital Live Performances
•Cultural Analytics
•Digital Humanities
•New Museology

Track 8: Visualisation & Animation

•Animation and Simulation
•Local/Remote Rendering
•Active/Passive Stereo Displays/HMDs
•Immersive Displays/CAVES
•Visual Simulation of Materials
•Virtual GIS
•Visual Analytics
•Social Media
•Collaborative Research and Embodiment